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The machine that launched an industry. Elliott Equipment's HiReach telescopic aerial work platforms and cranes allow you to do more with just a single machine. From material handling and digging, to crane and aerial work, the HiReach does the work of a fleet of trucks. Available with heights ranging from 45' (13,7 m) to 215' (65,5 m), the HiReach comes fully equipped with standard features that are sold as options by our competition.

Only Elliott features a low-maintenance and fully hydraulic boom extension system without cables or chains. Our “piggyback” cylinder arrangement gives you the smoothest, most precise ride in the industry. What’s more, all of Elliott’s products can be customized to create tailor-made machines that include special platform features, pressure washers, body and tool box packages and more.

When it comes to design and engineering, Elliott’s BoomTruck is generations apart from the traditional crane — making it ideal for the exacting demands of today’s job sites. With industry-leading features, the Elliott BoomTruck delivers high performance with increased efficiency thanks to its high-speed outrigger set-up, boom extension and retraction, and a high-capacity two-speed winch.

Plus, our BoomTrucks require very little maintenance thanks to the layaway hoist, use of the highest quality American components, and the industry's best waranty. That gives you time to enjoy operator amenities like the built-in cup holders and 110-volt charger on the operator console without worrying about downtime.