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For over 65 years, Elliott Equipment Company has supported the utilities industry with dependable, safe, and feature-packed aerial work platforms and cranes designed to assist with transmission construction, substation maintenance, and much more. Today, Elliott’s HiReach truck-mounted aerial work platforms pave the way to a new class of utility-industry products that combine ANSI A92.2 compliant safety and performance with working heights to 215’ and material handling capacities to 15 tons.

Elliott’s BoomTruck line ranges from 10 to 50 tons with a wide range of boom lengths and features like telescopic jibs, detachable work platforms, wireless remote controls, and high torque digger options to maximize productivity and performance. All Elliott Equipment Company products are backed by the lifetime structural warranty and a suite of safety features that boost operator confidence and protect your company’s most valuable assets.

With HiReach and E-Line aerial work platforms, you’ll enjoy the ability to work up to 215 feet in the air, maximize side reach and have a large platform to work from. Perfect for transmission and substation work, HiReach and E-Line products do not require a proof test or test lift, which significantly shortens set up time. Plus, we can customize your machine to do even more, with our ‘Office in the Sky’ workplatform tools and body packages. Depending on your needs, we can go even further, with special boom lengths, platform designs, insulation and more.

Elliott’s BoomTrucks have capacities from 10 to 50 tons with tip heights to 207 feet. With our digger package you can turn your machine into a veritable Swiss Army knife. Capable of digging at a 44 foot radius with 20,000 ft./lbs. of torque and plenty of lifting power out of the hole, Elliott has a place in your fleet.

See why so many leaders in the industry choose Elliott. Check out our product line and contact us or your local distributor for more information.

Reach High and Wide

Elliott’s ‘point and shoot’ telescopic boom design lets you reach wider and higher, quickly and with no tailswing, making it perfect for transmission and substation work. Choose from working heights up to 215 feet and side reach up to 84 feet.

Rugged Workplatform

Workplatform capacities to 1,200 lbs. in top or end-mount configurations and material handling jibs give you the ability to bring the people and tools to complete a wide range of jobs.

Variable Position Outriggers

Large footprint and heavy-duty outriggers provide for excellent stability and penetration even when using an all-wheel drive chassis. Our EZ Crib outriggers have 30” of additional vertical penetration to reduce your cribbing weight and time. Elliott offers many other outrigger designs to solve even the most challenging setup needs.

Excellent Material-Handling Capabilities

Whether you choose a high capacity BoomTruck or material handling HiReach we can help give you the tools to get the job done. Whether it’s setting a pole or hanging insulators, Elliott can safely increase your productivity.

‘Office in the Sky’ Platform Productivity Tools

I Series products feature ANSI Category C 46 KV insulation. ANSI Category A 500KV insulation is available on our E120 as well.


Elliott offers hydraulic tool accessories on all models including accessory lines with flow control for hydraulic hand tools, and a hydraulic intensifier system for crimping work, all located in the platform for easy connection. Elliott’s cable carrier and reel systems ensure hoses are well laid out, and by keeping power at the base of the unit, increase net platform size and capacity.

Wireless Remote Controls

Optional wireless remote controls allow you to operate the equipment safely from the ground or within the work platform. Available with an integrated LMI display and hard wire backup on some models, Elliott’s wireless controls provide smooth and safe operation in all conditions and environments.

Digger Package

Choose from a 20,000 or 14,000 ft./lb. digger system, with two speeds, capable of handling up to 48” augers. Elliott’s special high pin-point geometry lets you dig up to a 44 foot radius and have plenty of power out of the hole. Our hydraulic pole claw helps you finish the job. Equip your machine with our wireless remote package and you can operate at the truck, at the hole or in between.

Fully Customizable for Your Unique Needs

Elliott will work with you to engineer your machine for your application. Whether you need special outriggers, hose reels, track vehicle mounting or special boxes and truck accessories, Elliott has utilities solutions that fit your needs.


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