sign and lighting cover photo-216x300Increase your productivity and maximize your return on investment with Elliott’s HiReach material handling aerial work platforms. Elliott is the go-to machine for leaders in the sign and lighting industry with a wide range of working heights, material handling options, and outstanding value retention.

Elliott HiReach has the most platform productivity options including 110V, welding and oxy acetylene, pressure washer and jib winch, in the industry. And, Elliott’s wide side reach and point and shoot design let you reach higher and wider.

Like all Elliott machines, the HiReach is built to last. Be sure your investment will be working hard for years, even decades. Plus, Elliott products are built for you and fully customizable, allowing you to do your work your way.

See why so many leaders in the industry choose Elliott. Check out our product line and contact us or your local distributor for more information.

Large and High Capacity Work Platforms

Choose from a variety of platform sizes capable of handling up to three workers, tools and more.

Superior Side Reach

Elliott’s HiReach product is designed to provide industry-leading side reach capabilities to make it easier for you to reach your sign projects from the roadway or parking lot.  This gives you more flexibility in set up and the ability to do more work with your machine.

Material-Handling Capabilities

Elliott’s optional main boom winch and platform jib winch provide install and service crews with extra tools to get the job done.  Whether it’s lifting and setting a pylon, or raising and setting a raceway from within the platform, Elliott’s material handling capabilities make each truck a multi-purpose machine.

Office in the Sky’ Productivity Tools

Stop dragging welding leads or tool lines to the work platform. Elliott’s telescopic boom and oversized cable carrier lets you combine a wide range of tools that can be run from the bed to the aerial work platform. These tools include welders, oxy/acetylene, electrical lines, air lines, washer lines, hydraulic accessory lines, and more. With Elliott’s “Office in the Sky” options, you become more efficient and your tools last longer.

Excellent Stability Profile

Elliott machines are known for offering an exceptionally stable stance and boom, boosting operator confidence and safety on the job.

Fully Customizable for Your Needs

All Elliott products can be custom engineered and built to your specifications. Choose from lighting, special boxes, paint, platforms and more to help you stand out and do more with a single machine.

Watch Video: Elliott Equipment S50F SkyWalk Aerial Work Platform

Sign and lighting

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