g85f-hireach-in-chile mining 2AC125B06123Whether you are maintaining a drag line or scaling underground, Elliott has a machine to help you do your work safer and more efficiently.

Elliott HiReach and BoomTruck products are uniquely qualified for the rigors of mining duty. All Elliott products are built to last. Each machine is manufactured with the best components available and backed by our Lifetime Structural Warranty. With ‘Office in the Sky’ platform accessories like 110V, welding leads, hydraulic tool circuits, platform material handling and even ANFO leads, Elliott HiReach units let you do more at height than anything else.

Elliott BoomTrucks not only will lift from 10-50 tons, but also have extremely smooth operation and full customization. They are perfect for lifting loads and positioning people.

Plus, we will work with you to customize your machine for your application. Whether you need special lighting, a unique platform design, extra platform accessories, or even a platform drill, we can help.

See why so many leaders in the industry choose Elliott for their tough jobs. Check out our product line and contact us or your local dealer for more information.

Reach High and Wide

Elliott’s Point and Shoot telescopic design lets you reach wider and higher, quickly and with no tailswing, making it perfect for maintenance or scaling work.

Material-Handling Capabilities

Elliott’s optional main boom winch and platform jib winch provide install and service crews with extra tools to get the job done.  Whether it’s lifting and setting a pylon, or raising and setting a raceway from within the platform, Elliott’s material handling capabilities make each truck a multi-purpose machine.

Built to Last

Elliott’s heavy duty construction is perfect for the rigors of mining.  Top quality components backed by a Lifetime Structural Warranty make sure your machine will stay on the job and withstand the test of time.

Office in the Sky’ Productivity Tools

Stop dragging welding leads or tool lines to the work platform.  Elliott’s ‘Office in the Sky’ system incorporates an oversized cable carrier to bring your essential job tools from the bed to the platform with quick connects and start/stop switches to activate them within the platform.  Options include 110V, welding leads, oxy/acetylene hoses, pressure washers and more.

Hostile Environment Options

Elliott’s engineering department offers custom designed protective options that reduce corrosion and damage to essential components like cylinders, control boxes, and more.

Safety Accessories and Lighting Systems

Choose from Elliott’s long list of available lighting and safety accessories from strobe lights to safety alarms and more.

Customizable for Your Unique Needs

Elliott will engineer your machine with full pressure hydraulic controls, ANFO placement systems, oversized work platforms, severe-duty custom options, drilling packages and much more, to help you do your job, your way.


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